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Reynold Conger is an author of fiction who writes from a Christian perspective. He writes about characters who pray, go to church and live lives that honor God. Of course there are also the villains and sometimes a villain who repents. 

You can always be sure Reynold's books are full of action. There may also be danger, and/or romance, but the story is a good clean story without gratuitous profanity or gratuitous sex.

Some stories are simply good stories that are not overtly Christian, but Reynold also writes Christian novels.

This website markets Reynold's books, and also books by other authors in the Conger Clan. 

New Book Out Soon

Reynold's latest book, Stoned for His Faith, is scheduled to be released at the end of the  year.

American Muslims stone an American pastor for the book he has written, but his parishioners are ready to forgive the attackers (who have been jailed) and to minister to their visitors.

Place a pre-release order at a discount.

Go to the bookstore page to order books. All books ordered on this website are signed by the author. Orders from within the USA are shipped free.

(Note: Betty Conger is deceased. Her books will be shipped without a signature.)


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